Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ah, to be a Lady of Leisure

I was so excited about this month’s theme – Pampering Yourself – because that is one of the things I do best! (The Jodie, very high maintenance ½ of Lydia Dare, anyway). If there is a way to pamper myself, I’ve done it. After all, life should be enjoyed, not simply endured.

I am convinced that in an earlier life I was a very well-to-do Regency lady. I can’t simply be this spoiled being brought up in a middle class family, born in the 20th Century, can I? Doesn’t seem likely. Those Regency ladies had it all.

* Stylish townhome in Mayfair

* Gigantic estate(s) in the country

* Beautiful gardens

* Housekeeper – to make certain household chores are complete and satisfactory everyday

* Maids – to do all the menial tasks we have to do ourselves these days

* Cook - to have fabulous meals, teas, and pretty finger food always available at a moment’s notice

*Butler – to be stoic and keep things running smoothly

* Lady’s maid – to dress you and your hair and make certain you are always turned out in your finest

* Nurse/governess – to help watch and care for your children

* A coachman – to take you wherever you need to go

* Clothes and then some – the finest material, shimmery dresses, kid slippers, pretty gloves *sigh*

* Fantastic social life – Spend the morning sleeping, the afternoon gossiping…er…talking with friends, and the evenings at one gala/soiree/ball or another

* Rides through Rotten Row

* Shopping on Bond Street

* Plays/Operas at the theatre

* Fireworks at Vauxhall Gardens

* Trips to the Continent

* Truly – the list is endless…

I could SOOOO be pampered like that these days. But I have to settle for weekly trips to the nail salon (where my nail lady knows me so well, she has an enormous pillow to place my laptop on so I can write while getting a pedicure.) Bi-monthly trips to the massage parlor. Yearly cruises to one fascinating destination or another.

However, unlike those Regency ladies of leisure, I work a full-time job, write 3-4 books a year, and I’m a single mother of a teenage boy. Whew! Just typing that out, I got tired. So I
have to pamper myself, or no one else will, right?

Originally posted at March 11, 2011.

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