Saturday, September 3, 2011


It seems like a lifetime ago that Sorcha and Alec first stepped onto the pages in our second book – TALL, DARK and WOLFISH. Back then, Sorcha was a naïve lass, the youngest of her coven, controller of plants, exuberant and full of life. And Alec was head over heels in love with Caitin Macleod. Over the course of both our Westfield Wolves and Gentlemen Vampyres series, many things have changed with these two. And many things have stayed the same.

So we thought (much like the ending of a much loved television series often does with a montage to music) we’d revisit some of our favorite moments of Sorcha and Alec (without the music, however.)


Alec tries his hardest to win the affection of Caitrin, much to his friend Ben Westfield’s chagrin. (There’s still not a ton of love lost between Ben and Cait – one of those things that hasn’t changed.)

Sorcha is the only witch within the Còig who accepts Ben as Elspeth’s husband. In fact, she’s the only member of the coven who attends the pair’s rather impromptu wedding. (And through the event, Alec is right beside her, supporting his friend.)

Sorcha becomes enamored with the idea of Lycans thanks to Ben Westfield, and decides right then and there that she’d like to marry a wolf of her very own. So when another Lycan turns up in their midst (charming rakehell Lord William Westfield) Sorcha considers slipping a love potion to the rogue in order to seal the deal. But coven sisters, as they are wont to do, put an end to those plans.


After being rejected by Cait time and time again, Alec left Edinburgh for England. He can’t quite believe his luck when he stumbles upon her along the Great North Road. Hoping that providence is finally on his side, Alec pursues the lass with renewed vigor. Unfortunately he has a new rival to contend with – Dashiel Thorpe.

Upon meeting Dash and learning that he is a Lycan, Sorcha is nearly beside herself with glee – convinced that each member of the coven will end up with a wolfish mate.

After Cait chooses Dash, Alec is truly heartbroken, but gentleman that he is – Alec heads to The Highlands to check on another coven sister Blaire as Cait is nearly worried sick about the other witch. His final goodbye to Cait still makes us weepy.


Upon his arrival at Briarcraig Castle to ensure Blaire’s safety, Alec finds himself surrounded by vampyres, both benevolent and not-so benevolent. Too late he realizes what he’s up against when he’s attacked and left for dead beside the shores of an icy loch.

Not long after, Sorcha first comes in contact with vampyres back in Edinburgh – an evil one who was involved in Alec’s attack, and a noble one who had fallen for Blaire. Always the sweetest of the bunch, Sorcha’s heart aches for the tortured, malevolent vamp; and she welcomes the other into the coven’s circle with open arms.


Alec struggles to adjust in his new life as a vampyre under the tutelage of his maker Matthew, who’d saved him beside the icy loch that fateful night. He’s not comfortable in his new skin, but there’s no going back now. Still a gentleman, he tries his hardest to protect Rhiannon from those of his kind (particularly Matthew), even going so far as to align himself with his one-time rival Dash in order to do so.

Sorcha thanks Matthew profusely for saving Alec from certain death, once again welcoming a newcomer into her midst.

Alec hits his lowest point when he realizes Matthew has changed for Rhiannon and he will have to face this dark world all alone from here on out.

At Rhiannon and Matthew’s wedding, Sorcha comes face to face with Dash’s three Lycan half brothers and she is certain one of them is in her future – the wolfish husband she’s always wanted.

And that’s where Alec and Sorcha are (metaphorically speaking) when NEVER BEEN BIT begins and their story starts to unfold.

Sorcha - a naïve lass, controller of plants, exuberant and full of life. And Alec - a vampyre, still heartbroken over the loss of Caitin Macleod.

We hope you'll join us (and Mr. Seamus Ferguson) in the celebration in honor of Sorcha and Alec and long awaited Happy-Ever-Afters.