Thursday, November 11, 2010

A sit down with Còig witches...

Lydia Dare: I’d like to first thank everyone at Night Owl Romance for having all of us today. (Yes, there are several of us crowded in this blog right now) So before the sisterly bickering begins, I should introduce everyone to my coven of Scottish witches – the Còig, in case you haven’t met them yet. Actually, on second thought, ladies, why don’t you each introduce yourselves instead?

Sorcha: Honestly, Ms. Dare, no one really cares about any of us right now. Well, except for Cait that is. (The youngest witch rolls her eyes.)

Caitrin: Sorch! That’s no’ true. I’m sure everyone would love ta ken all about ye and the others.

Lydia Dare: Fine, fine. I’ll do the introductions. The Còig is made of up five talented witches, each with their own special abilities. Elspeth Westfield has the power to heal the sick. Sorcha Ferguson communes with plants. Blaire Lindsay can fight better than any warrior. Rhiannon Sinclair’s emotions control the weather. And Caitrin Macleod—

Sorcha: Caught a Lycan for herself after vowin’ that she couldn’t abide the beasts.

Elspeth coves her snort into a monogrammed handkerchief.

Blaire: Ye’re just jealous, Sorcha. Ye should let Ms. Dare have her say.

Sorcha: Of course I’m jealous. I’ve been dyin’ for a Lycan of my own ever since I learned about them. Playful. Loyal. Handsome. What’s no’ ta want?

Rhiannon: Flea bitten mutts. (All eyes turn to the normally quiet weather-witch who shrugs.) I’m only quotin’ Cait. How many times has she said that?

Elspeth: Among other unflatterin’ terms, usually directed at my husband.

Caitrin grins unrepentantly.

Sorcha: Exactly. And then she goes out and snares one for her very own. It’s just no’ fair.

Caitrin: I wouldna exactly use the word snare. I dinna mean ta catch Dash. In fact, I tried my hardest ta avoid the beast all together. (She smiles wistfully) He did grow on me, though.

Elspeth: Just be careful, Cait. The man has a sordid past. He’s dangerous.

Caitrin: I am well aware of his past.

Sorcha: I think he’s charmin’. (She sighs dreamily.)

Blaire: (under her breath) Ye doona think at all.

Sorcha: There’s no reason ta be bitter, Blaire.

Rhiannon: She’s not the one who sounds bitter, Sorch.

Sorcha: (scowls at her sister witches) I’m no’ bitter. I just want what Cait has – a handsome Lycan who adores her. That’s no’ so much ta want, is it?

Rhiannon: I think Cait is amazingly fortunate. No’ everyone finds a man who adores her the way Lord Brimsworth does. I doona even dare hope for such a thing myself.

Blaire: Me either.

Sorcha: (scoffs) Why no’? Goin’ after yer dreams doesna cost ye anythin’.

Caitrin: Sorcha’s right. And I can see happy endings for each of ye.

Lydia Dare: I suppose now would be the time to tell everyone out there that Caitrin’s special power is that of clairvoyance. Since you’ve all gotten a chance to meet the witches of the Coig, I’d like to open the floor up to all you. Do you have a question for any of these ladies?

Originally posted Night Owl Romance 11/10/2010

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